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Compassie bootcamp in Amsterdam

   Ven. Losang Gendun
Ven. Losang Gendun


Zondag 7 juni: Maitreya’s Heart: An Argument for Compassion

With Ven. Losang Gendun

Are you interested in compassion and community? Do you want to make a difference? Do you feel the need for a contemporary dialogue on the venerable notion of compassion? Then these sundays are for you! These two components – community and compassion – are the essential building blocks of the spiritual life. They allow us to live harmoniously, nourish the society in which we live in and touch the divine. Evolutionary theory teaches us that we depend on cooperation for our survival. However, the Buddha pointed out that we depend on others entirely for our existence. The sources from which we draw are:
the great bodhisattva vows of universal care
the great mind training texts
the advice of living members of the ancient tradition of Tibetan Buddhism

Based on these sources, we offer you a day of meditation, lecture, discussion. Depending on the participants, these days will take place in Dutch or comprehensible English, as the Maitreya Institute serves both locals, expats and students.

Time: 09.30-12.30 hrs
Suggested donation to help cover our costs: € 35. Students or Stadspas € 20 per day.
For online teachings, half of the above donations is applicable.
To help the Maitreya Institute through these difficult times, we would appreciate if you could adhere to the normal suggested donation. The fixed charges for the building and livelihood for our teachers remain the same.
Ask for the link by sending us an e-mail to amsterdam@maitreya.nl

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