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Teachings by Geshe Yeshe Rinchen in Amsterdam

  Geshe Yeshe Rinchen
Geshe Yeshe Rinchen

Geshe Yeshe Rinchen will be teaching at Maitreya Instituut Amsterdam on several Saturdays.
Translation to English by Gregory Vaugon.

Saturdays, from 10.00 - 15.00
Requested donation to offset the costs: € 45,00 per day,
Students or Stadspas adjusted recommended donation: € 30,00 per day


Our fortunate rebirth - January 20

We think that it is normal that we are born as a human being, able to live as we do with the possibilities that we have in this life. However, when we look around us, we see that this is not the case and that we actually have great good fortune this time around. How did this come about? How can we gain such a fortunate rebirth in future lives?

What is karma, actually? - February 10

Is it enough to possess a human rebirth in order to accomplish the goal of enlightenment? Not if our life is used in destructive manner bringing more suffering to others and oneself.
As a matter of fact, we all want to be happy and we all want to be free from suffering, therefore we need to understand what are the causes of suffering and what are the causes of happiness.
Having faith in karma enables us to follow a path leading from happiness to happiness by understanding the relationship between cause and effect.

Explaining Medicine Buddha Puja - March 17

Each enlightened being (Buddha) manifests in an uncommon appearance according to his/her specific powers and abilities. In the case of the Medicine Buddha, having trained in the path by engaging in specific prayers to help sentient beings who are suffering from all different types of sicknesses, he gained the specific power to help sentient beings to recover from sickness. The offering ceremony (puja) is done in order to create a connection with the Medicine Buddha by making offerings, requests, and reciting his name mantra so that we can receive his help to benefit ourselves or our relatives who are suffering from sickness.

Explaining Green Tara Practice - April 14

Tara is the Buddha of "enlightened activities", those activities are done in order to help us to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals according to our wishes.
We may have different goals that we want to achieve in our studies, work, general life, and of course with regard to our Dharma practice. Our success depends on having enough "merit" and few adverse conditions. In order to remove those obstacles and to encounter success, we request help from Tara, so that she may quickly act for the benefit of oneself and others.



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