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Ven. Losang Gendun

How do I deal with ...?
Monday evenings with Venerable Losang Gendun
in Amsterdam

During informal sessions we will explore questions by participants, concerning daily life and the place of spiritual practice within it, by way of short lectures, guided meditations and group discussion.

The evenings are open to all who are interested, require no previous knowledge and will be free from jargon.

How do I deal with my negative feelings and learn to appreciate the positive aspects of life again?

May 14

Am I karmically responsible for how I feel; is this my fate?

May 21

How can I nurture friendships and intimate relationships
without having expectations?

May 28

How do I deal with aggression and deceit around me
and at work?

June 4
What was the Buddha's advice on how to take care
of one's health?
June 11
How do you deal with addictions such as the internet,
cigarettes and alcohol?
June 18
How do you find freedom from the expectations of others?
June 25
How do you liberate yourself from the past, and its
melancholy, guilt and worries?
July 2


Monday evenings, 20.00 - 21.30 hrs
Donation to offset the costs: € 15,- per evening; students or Stadspas: € 10,-

Information & courseregistration: amsterdam@maitreya.nl, tel: 020 – 4280842



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