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DB Module 13: Introduction to Tantra

Discovering Buddhism- Awakening the limitless potential of your mind

with Annelies van der Heijden
ATTENTION: the classes of Monday January 17 and 24, will be given online only.
Looking at Buddhism from the outside in, it might feel like standing at the shores of a mighty ocean, trying to come up with a question that makes sense. Where to begin?
If you want help and guidance in exploring this ocean of wisdom, we can offer you the program Discovering Buddhism (DB).
In this program we give participants an experimental taste of the Buddhist teachings and skills that help to make their lives very meaningful.
This program will provide you with a solid footing in the practice of Mahayana Buddhism.
How it Works:
The Discovering Buddhism modules consist of teachings, meditations and practices, discussions/reflections, assessment questions, and practice mornings. Students may do some or all of these components of each module, as they wish and are interested. Those who complete all the components receive a completion card for the specific module.
Discovering Buddhism contains fourteen modules, and it takes about two years to complete. When you do, you have a solid foundation in the teachings and practices of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.
If you would like to join DB module 13 without having done any DB module before, please contact amsterdam@maitreya.nl.

DB Module 13: Introduction to Tantra

In this module we will explore the definition of tantra, how tantra works and why it is a  powerful form of practice. We will get a broad overview of the four classes of tantra and how to practice simple Kriya -Action – tantra methods. In addition, we will find out how to  integrate the practice of tantra with the preliminary lam-rim meditations for optimal results. 
Monday evenings from January 17 – February 21 from 20:00 – 21:30 (6 classes).
Donation to cover costs: € 42 for DB module 13 (6 classes)
DB module 13 together with Monday evening guided meditation € 52 (please make the additional 10 euro donation here)

For online teachings, half of the above donations is applicable. Please note in the NOTES SECTION of the donation checkout, if you would like to participate live at the center or via Zoom.
To support the Maitreya Institute in these difficult times, we would appreciate if you can adhere to the normal suggested donations, as the fixed charges for the building and livelihood of those for whom we are responsible remain the same.
ATTENTION: If you decide to attend online, but want to donate the regular amount, then please register for online class and donate the extra amount through the other donation buttons (e.g. 'Continuiteit Amsterdam'), so we can keep track of onsite registrations.
More information: amsterdam@maitreya.nl .
The DB Practice morning for module 13 and for students joining the DB program is on Saturday February 19: 10.00 – 13.00 hour (both onsite and online). 
This practice morning is donation based.  

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