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Discovering Buddhism - Refuge in the Three Jewels

with Annelies van der Heijden

Looking at Buddhism from the outside in, it might feel like standing at the shores of a mighty ocean, trying to come up with a question that makes sense. Where to begin?
If you want help and guidance in exploring this ocean of wisdom, we can offer you the program Discovering Buddhism (DB).
In this program we give participants an experimental taste of the Buddhist teachings and skills that help to make their lives more meaningful.
This program will provide you with a solid footing in the practice of Mahayana Buddhism.
How it works
The Discovering Buddhism modules consist of teachings, meditations and practices, assessment questions, and practice retreat days. Students may do some or all of these components in each course, as they wish and following their interest. Those who complete all the components of a course receive a completion card for that course. The courses can be taken in different orders, and students can join at any time.
Discovering Buddhism contains fourteen module series and takes about two years to complete. After completing it, you have a solid foundation in the teachings and practices of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.

Dates & time: October 12 - December 14, 2020, Monday evenings from 20.00-21.30 hrs

It is possible to combine the course with a meditation, from 19.00-19.45 hrs

Suggested donation to cover our costs:

  • € 35,- per DB module (5 classes)
  • DB module together with Monday evening guided meditation € 45,-
  • Single evening (only via Zoom) : DB class plus guided meditation € 10,-
  • Single DB class or trial lesson (only via Zoom) : € 7,50

For online teachings (via internet; Zoom), half of the above donations is applicable (resp. € 17,50 per module, € 22,50 module plus meditation, single evening: DB and meditation € 5, single DB class: € 3,75)
To support the Maitreya Institute in these difficult times, we would appreciate if you can adhere to the normal suggested donations, as our fixed costs for the center stay the same.

If you want to join the course, please send an email to

Module 7: Refuge in the Three Jewels

From October 12 until November 9, 2020 (5 classes)

What is the meaning of taking refuge in the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha)? We will inform you about their qualities and about the essential practice of refuge. We will explore the advantages and learn about the lay vows and their role in enhancing our spiritual growth.

Module 4: The Spiritual Teacher

From November 16 until December 14, 2020 (5 classes)

In this module we will take the time to investigate the role of the teacher on the spiritual path and the many questions there are: What is the need for a teacher, depending upon one’s engagements in the path? What are the qualities of a teacher, the qualities of a student, and how to relate to a teacher for the greatest benefit in one’s spiritual life? The challenges we face when thinking of entering into a ‘guru-disciple’ relationship will be discussed and we learn how to deal with these skillfully.

Discovering Buddhism (DB) Practice Mornings – for students who attend the DB classes

To support our DB study and practices we will spend this morning meditating, incl. Q&A/discussion, upon the material covered so far.

onsite (limited number of people) and online

Dates & times:

  • DB module 7 ‘Refuge in the Three Jewels’: Saturday Nov. 14, 10.00-13.00 hrs
  • DB module 4 ‘The Spiritual Teacher’: Saturday Dec. 12, 10.00-13.00 hrs

By donation. Please register in advance by sending an email to


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Discover Buddhism