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For more information about our program, please or call 055-5050908 (Tuesday-Friday 11.00am-4.00pm) .

Registration for a course
Please register at least 5 days before every course (unless indicated otherwise) via this registration form, to enable us to shop for sufficient food during the course. You will then receive a confirmation with information regarding payment, and if needed, extra practical information on the course. Payment in Loenen is only possible with cash or PIN pas. With your registration, please also indicate your room preference (single, double etc. - see below).

Room types and room charge
As a Buddhist center, our first priority is that students will be able to follow the activities, and not to offer five-star accommodation. Most rooms have an attached bathroom. The number of rooms is limited, so they are assigned depending on availability, optimised occupation of the rooms and (serious) health problems of the students. Besides that, we try to consider:

  • medical neccessity
  • seniority
  • first come, first serve

In order to be fair with the more and less luxurious rooms, the roomtypes are rotated as fairly as possible for students.
We try to accommodate the wishes of everyone, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to have your preferred room type.

Students are urgently requested to leave the rooms completely tidy, windows closed, heating turned off and ready-for-use for the next guest.

Donations for courses

The Dharma is free. However, there are many direct expenses necessary in order to organise courses such as food, salaries, gas, water, electricity and so forth, which we call a 'donation to offset costs'. This donation however does not ensure the continuation of the activities of the institute, including maintenance etc. Please realise that when you can contribute less, the institute is directly losing money, but you can request the Study Fund to sponsor the difference. There is no intention to make a profit, and actually there are hardly any reserves for maintenance, (building) replacement and unforseen expenses. As most of the work is done by volunteers and students, we are able to keep the costs at a minimum, but running a center is quite expensive, so if you are able to contribute more, for exampe to the Study Fund: thank you!

Home study
In this case, you receive online access to download the mp3-recordings of the teachings, if possible the transcripts, and specific extra course material as pdf files via this website.
Requested donation: 33% of the normal course donation. For longer courses, we strongly prefer your payment via direct debit (automatische incasso) from your bank account.

Study Fund
We do our utmost to keep your course-contributions as low as possible, but for some it may prove not feasible to contribute the requested donation. These people can request the study fund for help. This fund is sponsored by financially stronger students of Maitreya Instituut Loenen. You will need to have a personal and confidential talk with the director.
To be considered for sponsoring, we reqest:

  • membership of Maitreya Instituut
  • your willingness to give us some essential information regarding
    • your personal financial situation
    • overview of all other Dharma activities you follow
    • your arrangements for sponsoring or discounts by other Dharma centers, organisations or individuals

If you are in a financially good situation, you may consider to contribute to the Study Fund; this is a very positive action as you would practice the generosity of the Dharma in that way.

Ordained monks and nuns who are member of Maitreya Instituut receive special conditions, please inform with the center for more information.

Retreats or other stays
Members can do individual retreats at our facilities, or simply have a few days holiday with us. Please inform with us about the conditions if you are interested.

Other costs

Soup on Friday evening
People who are otherwise unable to have dinner, can join the simple dinner of soup and bread on Friday evening before a weekend course.

Bar payments
There is a small choice of drinks and snacks for sale at the bar. Please note down for yourself how much you spend, and pay for it in the special jar for 'bargeld'.





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