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Other Weekend Teachings in Loenen

For all below weekend courses:
Time: Friday 20.00 hrs - Sunday 17.00 hrs.
The weekend courses include accommodation, vegetarian meals, bed linen and a towel.
On Friday evening at 18.30 hrs a light supper is served.
Donation to offset the costs: € 120,- per weekend. Home study available on request.
Students are expected to do some 'karma yoga', meaning to help with some household work during the course as part of our spiritual practice to help each other, and so we can keep the courses affordable.

The Mind and Cognition - Lo Rig (FPMT Basic Program)

Lo Rig is the Buddhist study of the mind and its functions- a profound Buddhist text that explores the different types of mental awareness and how this impacts the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. An understanding of Lorig will help students to be able to distinguish between correct knowledge and the false mental projections that cause us so much suffering. Students who wish to study this as part of the Basic Program have the option of completing a test at the end of the module to receive their certificate.
These weekend teachings on Lo Rig will be combined with a presentation of Kamalashila's "Middling Stages of Meditation"- a text focused on how to meditate on the key aspects of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. It is intended hoped that this combination will nourish students with a presentation of profound Buddhist philosophy, as well as immediately applicable instructions on how to transform the mind.

Weekends: March 24-26, April 14-16 and May 12-14

Essential Practices of Highest Yoga Tantra: Transforming Death, Intermediate Stage and Rebirth

This weekend course will explain the necessity of transforming ordinary death, intermediate state and rebirth into the three bodies of our Yidam through the practice of highest yoga tantra. Geshe la will explain how this practice is the very essence of the deity yoga of the generation stage, and how this can be practiced according to the different yidams (meditational deities). The principles of transforming death, intermediate state (bardo) and rebirth into the path according to the final stage of highest yoga tantra, completion stage, will also be touched upon.
In addition, Geshe la wil provide further details on the essential HYT recitation text, the 6 Session Guru Yoga, and touch on other subjects such the importance of the inner offering, tsog and so forth. Geshe la chooses to present this course as a dharma friend and advisor rather than as a vajra master.
Pre-requisite: Students must have received a full empowerment (wangchen) into a Highest Yoga Tantra deity such as Yamantaka, Guyasamaja, Heruka or Kalachakra, from a properly qualified Lama.

Weekend June 16-18

Letter to a Friend

This short text from Nagarjuna (an important Indian scholar from the second century) covers the entire path to enlightenment using profound imagery and everyday examples. This text is particularly useful for those who wish to pursue Buddhist practice in the context of their everyday lives in the world, and was especially intended spoken for householders. Students will find the teachings accessible and immediately relevant to their everyday lives.

Weekend June 30 - July 2



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