Lijkt het je leuk om mee te denken over het beleid van het Maitreya Instituut Nederland? Wil je je kennis en vaardigheden inzetten voor het verder tot bloei laten komen van het Maitreya Instituut en haar missie? Kijk dan eens hier of een bestuursfunctie misschien bij je past: werving bestuursleden.
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Courses on Buddhism

A wide range of courses on the theory and practice of Buddhism are offered at the centers in Amsterdam and Loenen.

The core of the course program consists of various study programs. From relatively short and simple to long-term and more advanced (see Study Programs for more information):

  • Buddhism in a Nutshell (BiN): short introductory course on Buddhism (6 modules of a half-day)
  • Discover Buddhism (DB): longer introductory course on Buddhism (14 modules of multiple lessons)
  • Basic program (BP): in-depth, multi-year study program (total of 12 modules). The Maitreya Institute currently does not offer a Basic Program.

In addition, there are various courses and workshops on specific topics, such as meditation or the daily practice and philosophy of Buddhism. All courses naturally allow ample opportunity for questions, and meditation is also included in most courses.


Since overnight accommodations are available in Loenen, longer courses are regularly held here, ranging from a weekend to several weeks.

Calendar events: Course