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Maitreya Institute Amsterdam

Maitreya Instituut Amsterdam is just around the corner from the Coffee Company on the Wibautstraat at Tilanusstraat 8a.

Here we offer meditations and courses in Tibetan Buddhism in both Dutch and English.  The English language meditations and lessons are usually on Monday evenings and sometimes in the weekends.

Courses and meditations are given by qualified Tibetan and Western teachers or facilitators.  The quality of what is taught and the teachers or facilitators is of essential importance in the FPMT and therefore also for Maitreya Instituut.

You are also welcome to participate in the rituals (pujas) that are done regularly on the appropriate lunar calendar days (see the calendar).

From September 2021 onwards, the center will reopen for onsite participation. Because of Covid-19, we request everyone to only register for onsite participation if you're vaccinated, have tested negatively or have already recovered from a Covid-19 infection. We won't check this, but we trust in everyone's sense of responsibility in this. For further explanation about this policy, please see this letter.

Please register in advance for courses at amsterdam@maitreya.nl. Almost all activities are available via Zoom and there are only a few seats available in the center itself. For the Zoom links or to find out whether you can attend in person, please contact us at amsterdam@maitreya.nl.