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Volunteers wanted

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Do you enjoy working in a friendly and motivated team? Volunteers often find that it gives a sense of satisfaction to make a practical contribution to the happiness of others. For example, by helping out in the center. You meet like-minded people and have the opportunity to see 'behind the scenes'.

Furthermore, working in a team of volunteers provides a safe environment to practice implementing the Dharma. For example, if you were to get angry or disappointed during your volunteer work, you are surrounded by people who understand how challenging it can be to transform your mind in such a situation. In a regular work situation, it is often more difficult to practice your Dharma. With such motivation, working as a volunteer is always interesting and a unique opportunity to practice.

You don't have to be a Buddhist to become a volunteer. However, it is necessary that you have some affinity with Buddhism. This way, you can discover whether Buddhism suits you.

We need you

As a Buddhist organization with a ANBI status, we work non-profit. We consider it very important to keep our programs affordable for everyone. The conference center in Loenen is one of the means to achieve this; all profits made from the conference center flow back to the Buddhist center. However, without volunteers, we would not be able to continue to exist. Your help is therefore of great importance.

How does it work?

In a conversation, we will search together with you for tasks that match your wishes, availability, and physical abilities. And of course, your wishes must also match the work that is needed. Once the tasks have been agreed upon to both parties' satisfaction, we will make a work schedule depending on the time you want and can dedicate. Everything is done in good consultation.

If you come to work on a project basis or structurally for one or more days a week/month, we will draw up a volunteer agreement.

We follow the motto: "voluntary but not non-binding." So an agreement is an agreement, as the entire work schedule is also aligned with your commitment.

What do we ask from you?

If you can bring a healthy dose of humor, a positive attitude, and a willingness to work, you are more than welcome to sign up as a volunteer. During your stay in the center, we ask you to adhere to the 5 basic rules and house rules.

What can you expect?

Satisfaction. Inspiration. Good conversations. Laughter. A sense of family. You will receive a handbook that gives a good impression of our center and Buddhism. In Loenen, coffee, tea, and meals are provided for you for free on the days you help us. It is also possible to stay overnight in Loenen, but this needs to be requested in advance, because the center is frequently fully booked with guests. We also offer a cozy and friendly atmosphere with shared coffee and lunch breaks and a fun outing once a year.

Volunteer vacancies:

PR and/or Social Media (Maitreya Institute Netherlands)
Someone - preferably with experience in social media - to strengthen the PR team. Tasks may include posting messages about programs and events of the MI on online calendars or other social media platforms.

Writers (Maitreya Institute Netherlands)
We are looking for one or more people who are good at writing for pieces for the website and other publications, such as brochures and leaflets. The aim is to convey what we want to communicate in the right way. As a writer, you will be part of a PR team and work with people from both Amsterdam and Loenen.

Website Manager and/or Data Inputter (Amsterdam)
We are looking for someone who wants to become proficient in the CMS of this new website and help manage it. This involves entering content yourself when needed, keeping it up to date, and monitoring it, all in collaboration with others. Because this can be a big task, we are looking for another person to help out, so the workload is not on the shoulders of just one person.

Project Manager: Meditations with sign language
At the start of our ZOOM classes, an attempt was made to make the meditations accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing through sign language interpretation. Is there anyone who wants to take over this groundbreaking project from the person who started it?

Working in the garden (Loenen)
We need help with gardening preferably on Wednesdays. If you are interested, please contact Paula at paulamatthijsse@gmail.com

Household help (Loenen)
We are looking for volunteers for monthly/semi-annual and/or annual recurring tasks such as washing windows, deep cleaning rooms, washing curtains.

We are also looking for volunteers who have time to come help on a regular basis for 1 or 2 days a week. If you are interested, please contact Paula at paulamatthijsse@gmail.com

Handy persons wanted (Loenen)
For a variety of tasks, from checking drawings to painting or laying tiles. We are also looking for volunteers who have time to come help on a regular basis for 1 or 2 days a week. If you are interested, please contact Brigitte at brigitte@maitreya.nl