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Practice together

Buddhism is not something you do alone! We learn as much from each other as from a lesson or a book. In addition to courses, meditations and retreats, all kinds of other joint activities regularly take place in our centers in Amsterdam and Loenen:

Pujas (prayer services)

On five monthly days of the Tibetan calendar, we try to organize three different types of pujas:

  • Tara Puja (TP) on the 8th, focusing on the female Buddha Tara
  • Guru Puja (GP) on the 10th and 25th, aimed at the Gurus or the spiritual teachers
  • Medicine Buddha Puja (MP) on the 15th (Full Moon) and 30th (New Moon) focused on the Medicine Buddha.

In addition, pujas are also organized on some special Buddhist holidays. These days can be found in the Program Calendar

Sutra Recitations 

Sutras are traditional texts containing the teachings of the Buddha. When these are recited together, a strong positive energy and favorable impressions arise in our minds.
The Golden Light Sutra (Sutra of the Golden Light) is regularly recited in English on Sundays in Amsterdam, see the Program Calendar

Animal liberation ritual

With this ritual we bless rescued animals and pets, clearing negative karma from the animals and placing positive impressions on their stream of consciousness.
This ritual is done on a few days of the year in Amsterdam and Loenen, see the Program Calendar.

Rolling mantras

Mantras are a type of traditional Sanskrit prayers. Printed on paper and rolled up, they are traditionally used to fill, for example, Buddha statues and prayer wheels. Making mantra rolls is very careful work, and in Amsterdam you can regularly learn and do it together on Sundays under supervision, see the Program Calendar.

Garden work

The center in Loenen has a large garden. We maintain this garden with volunteers, and garden days are regularly organized on Saturdays, see the Program Calendar.

Calendar events: Together