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Terms and conditions Amsterdam

Signing up for an activity

You can register for any activity on the webpage of that specific activity. You can do this with a permanent account in which your data is stored, or as a visitor. For most activities the default option is to join on location and there is also the possibility to click on the online option (indicated by a house icon) in the list that appears.  

Of course, it is best if you sign up well in advance, so we can take it into account. Registrations are processed at least until noon on the same day (of an evening activity).

After registering and going through the donation/payment process, you will first receive an automatic confirmation of your registration. Other necessary information, such as a Zoom link for online participation and any related documents and links to recordings, will then be sent to you by email from Amsterdam. You can always contact us at amsterdam@maitreya.nl if something is not clear to you.


Contribution to the costs of activities

As a matter of principle, we offer Buddhist teachings free of charge. However, although all the work is done by dedicated volunteers, there are all kinds of costs involved in organizing the activities and keeping the center running. These include rent for the building, gas, water and electricity, minor maintenance, coffee, tea and refreshments, costs for the teachers, audio and video equipment, etc.

To cover these and other costs, we use suggested donation amounts for each activity and also rely on additional donations. This also applies to activities followed online, as the cost of keeping the center running remains the same whether people join online or on site (except for a few cups of tea and cookies).


Study Fund

Of course, the donation fees should not be a financial barrier to participation in the activities. We have therefore set up a Study Fund, which makes it possible to donate the amount that is suitable for you. This Study Fund has been established through donations, giving everyone the opportunity to attend Dharma classes.

Although this option cannot be clicked on by default when registering via the website, a single mail with an explanation to the above e-mail address is sufficient to qualify for this. You can then indicate in the Comments field of the donation page when you sign up that you want to donate the reduced amount and choose to pay by direct debit. The relevant amount (also listed in the text accompanying the activity) will then be debited from your account. Should even that amount be a barrier for you, we can make individual arrangements for donation according to your ability to pay. Again, Buddhist teachings should be easily accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial situation.


Membership and additional donations

Membership of the Maitreya Institute is an easy way to support the center and contribute to its continuity. One of the benefits of membership for you is the ability to borrow books from the extensive libraries in Amsterdam and Loenen. There are three different levels of membership, starting at a monthly contribution of 5 euros. For more information, see Become a member.

Of course, you may also be in the fortunate position of being able to make an additional donation to help cover fixed costs and thus practice generosity. We greatly appreciate that, obviously! For this you can use the additional donation buttons, e.g. for the rent of the building, the increased energy bill or the Study Fund.

We have learned that without these extra donations we would not be able to cover the financial expenses of the center, so every extra contribution is much appreciated!


ANBI status and cancellation of registration

The Maitreya Institute has an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) status. This has possible(tax) advantages for you, because donations for activities are, in principle, deductible from your income tax (for more information on this, please contact donaties@maitreya.nl). However, donations are not refundable.

If you are unable to attend an activity, it is helpful if you can let us know in good time. You can then link your donation to another activity, e.g. the same activity on another date. 



For Buddhist classes, no donations are requested from ordained Sangha members (monks and nuns).


House Rules

To make your stay as pleasant and meaningful as possible for yourself and others, there are a number of house rules in our center for people attending Maitreya Institute activities. We ask you to adhere to the following five precepts to the best of your ability:

  1. Do not kill - including insects.
  2. Do not take what is not freely given.
  3. Do not engage in offensive (sexual) behavior.
  4. Do not lie.
  5. Do not use intoxicating substances. Intoxicating substances include alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.


Fire Safety

All open flames, including burning incense and candles, and smoking are prohibited due to fire hazards.