Lijkt het je leuk om mee te denken over het beleid van het Maitreya Instituut Nederland? Wil je je kennis en vaardigheden inzetten voor het verder tot bloei laten komen van het Maitreya Instituut en haar missie? Kijk dan eens hier of een bestuursfunctie misschien bij je past: werving bestuursleden.
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General donations to the Maitreya Institute


The Maitreya Institute has the ANBI status. This means that all donations to the Maitreya Institute can be entered as income tax deductions under certain conditions.

These conditions can differ individually (for example, one’s income); the tax authorities can provide information about this.

These conditions do not apply if you make use of the opportunity to commit to a donation for at least 5 years: then the entire amount is deductible. It is necessary to sign an agreement and to issue an authorization for collection. We are happy to help you with more information and advice. 

Donate in kind

Sometimes it's just nice to be able to make a very direct and practical contribution, maybe with things that you 'have something to do with' yourself. We are happy with these kind gifts and have a list of articles that would help us a lot!

Special funds

In addition to a fixed donation, a donation in services or goods or volunteering, there are other ways to support the Maitreya Institute and the FPMT. There are several funds that support various activities or people: there may be a fund that appeals to you.

Funds Maitreya Institute

  • The Maitreya Geshefonds: this fund is intended to help cover the costs involved in housing and maintenance of the permanent teacher/teachers of the Maitreya Institute. Because  Buddhist teachings are always free, these costs are never included when mentioning the suggested donation for a course;
  • The Maitreya Sangha Fund:this fund is intended for all nuns and monks who do work for the Maitreya Institute;
  • The Maitreya Lotus Fund: this fund is intended for the maintenance of our location in Loenen;
  • The Maitreya Study Fund for less well-off students: this fund is intended for keeping the dharma lessons accessible to everyone, including people with a limited income;
  • The Maitreya Stupa Fund: this fund is intended for the construction of a large stupa in Loenen. In the meantime, the collection of materials and objects for the filling has started. For more information, see the heading "news".
  • Long Life Pujas: these are funds intended for pujas for the long life of teachers such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

FPMT funds

  • The Maitreya Project: this fund is intended for the construction of a large Buddha Maitreya statue in Kushinagar (India), a monument of loving kindness and peace. (For more information, see: Maitreya Buddha Project)
  • Another FPMT fund: see for the complete list of FPMT funds. Donations to FPMT funds can be made directly or via the Maitreya Institute.

Structural and one-time donations to these funds are always welcome!

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