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Members' page

Take care of each other

Maitreya Institute is much more than just a place where Buddhist teachings are given. You are the Maitreya Institute. We do it together and are therefore 'Dharma family'. It is important that you feel at home in the Institute, and that it is a place where you can be yourself. We attach great importance to treating everyone equally, regardless of origin, gender, orientation or age. Our motivation is expressed in the way we pay attention to and care for each other.

So, you may want to draw our attention to someone in our midst who needs extra attention, for example in case of illness, dealing with loss and (financial) problems. Or if you are new and could use a buddy to show you the ropes, or if you suddenly notice that someone you always saw in the center has not been seen for a while...

For anything related to care and attention for each other, please contact Ingrid van der Putten. Ingrid can also be reached at 0619973826.

Other information for members

For the latest news and archive of the sent newsletters, messages and program news, see our news page.

On November 25, 2020, the board of Maitreya Institute gave a presentation. This can be listened to here (in Dutch).

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Read here about the FPMT code of ethics and the FPMT 'protection against abuse' policy that is also applicable to us.