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Creative Activities

Thangka painting
The art of drawing and painting Buddhas and mandalas is a meditative activity. Once you start, you can't stop! Even people without artistic skills will find great satisfaction in drawing Buddhas. Because help lines are used, it often works better than one could have ever dreamed! 

Making Tsa Tsas
A Buddha statue made by means of a mold is called a 'tsa tsa'. Making and painting these is considered a full-fledged practice. 

Maitreya Institute Loenen has a renowned Chef, Peter van Overbeek. His cookbook is available here . Peter gives vegetarian cooking workshops when his schedule allows.


The Maitreya Institute Amsterdam organizes one-day workshops on drawing and painting Buddhas.


In Loenen, Carmen Mensink gives two long weekends a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. In addition, there is a one-week course in the summer. This summer course is an ideal place to start to learn the basic techniques, from the first pencil lines to working with gold paint and stretching a canvas in the traditional Tibetan way.


Calendar events: Creative