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City Weekend retreat - You, Reality, and the World Around You

The Wisdom Realizing Emptiness and How It Creates a Happier, More Peaceful Life

When things are not going well, have you noticed how concretely you are holding the experience or solidifying a certain person as harmful or ‘other’? Do you then create a story about what is happening and ruminate about it repeatedly? What if these situations could be reframed in a more spacious and accurate dimension? Explore the profound Buddhist topic of emptiness, a lack of inherent nature, and begin to dismantle the web of mistaken perceptions that keeps us stuck in our harmful habits and hinders us from living a more satisfied life.

About the retreat

Retreat and more immersive meditation time is an essential component of our practice. It allows us to move past a superficial understanding of that mindset to a more transformative experience for both our hearts and minds. There will be time to ask questions.

The retreat is beneficial for all levels of practitioners. It is however helpful to have some background in Buddhism for this particular topic. It is also a great follow-up to the programs and retreat Ven. Amy led through autumn 2023 and are open to all.

We will be in silence throughout the day to allow us to stay in meditative mode. There will be an opportunity to talk about the topics and meditations of the retreat during the Q&A and the lunch break.

Retreat Schedule

  • Friday night: 19.00 – 20:30 pm introduction & meditation (online only)
  • Saturday: 10.00 – 18.30: including a simple lunch
  • Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00: including simple lunch

Please note that the retreat is non-residential, as we don't have lodging facilities.

Dāna (generosity) is one of the cornerstones of the Buddhist path. By virtue of their generosity, the Buddha and the ordained sangha offer us the teachings, and in exchange, the lay community supports Dharma centers and the monastic community. This interdependence is essential for us to share the Dharma and continue our work to benefit all sentient beings. With your donation we support our teachers in their cost of living and we uphold our dharma center, which is managed entirely by volunteers.

The suggested donation for this retreat is € 85, coffee, tea and a simple lunch included. For students and people with low income, the suggested donation is €60. Please send an email to amsterdam@maitreya.nl if you'd like to make use of this option.

The donation amount should never be an obstacle to your access to the Dharma! Please contact us if it might be an obstacle for you.

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