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Compassion Bootcamp: Spiritual Leadership


With Ven. Losang Gendun

The nuclear source of any Buddha’s enlightenment is his or her wish to achieve the welfare of all that lives. A Buddha, having found no solid core in his or her heart, understands that our being is filled with others. Feeling the presence of his fellow beings in every word, act and thought, a Buddha’s gratitude opens the floodgates of unconditional compassion and love.

One may wonder how this relates to our contemporary explosion of identities that while making plights and injustices visible, also tends to polarize rather than connect.

Without proposing fixed answers, we will explore the role of identity both on the Buddhist path and in modern life, reflecting on gender and sex, politics and age, culture and ethnicity.

Our main guide will be a beautiful text by the Indian Master Nāgārjuna: 'Precious Garland of Advice to a King', which we will provide to you. This season we'll focus mostly on the topic of spiritual leadership.

Our Bootcamps are community days, in which we share the pleasure of each other’s presence, food, meditation, lecture, discussion, and, of course, language. The latter means that the Sundays will be in English or Dutch depending on the participants.


Dates and times: Sunday February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7 and June 4, 2023, from 10:00 –  14:30 hrs.

Suggested donation to help cover our costs € 30. Students / people with low income € 20 per day. The donation amount should never be an obstacle to your access to the Dharma! Please write us an e-mail if you'd like to donate a reduced amount.

More information: amsterdam@maitreya.nl.

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04-06-2023 10:00

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