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Thangka painting: Manjushri, Buddha of Wisdom


Buddha of Wisdom

In this 4-day course on the Veluwe you will learn to draw Manjushri according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of thangka (scroll painting).

Manjushri  (Tib .: Jampel-yang)  embodies the Infinite Wisdom of all Buddhas.

The attributes that Manjushri has in his hands are therefore an expression of this enlightened wisdom principle.
In his left hand he holds a lotus flower on which  lies the 'Perfection of Wisdom Sutra' , an important Mahayana text that reveals the methods for developing and attaining the ultimate wisdom within yourself.

In his right hand he holds a flaming sword, which symbolizes the power of his wisdom to cut through the core of all our illusions, namely: ignorance. Because of our ignorance we experience all the problems in this life.

It is said that studying the Wisdom Sutras and meditating on Manjushri are the two most powerful ways to develop wisdom within yourself.
In addition to drawing this special Buddha, during this weekend course you will also learn everything about the backgrounds and symbolism of Manjushri through presentations and lectures . Every morning we start with a guided meditation on Manjushri, as well as learn the meaning of his mantra and how to work with it.

Thangka drawing is a meditation in itself and creates joy and inner peace.
Buddhist lamas say, "When you draw a Buddha, you draw your own mind."
If you are a Buddhist practitioner, drawing a Buddha can be immensely helpful for your visualization meditation.

This retreat is more suitable for beginners (even people without drawing experience!), Semi-advanced and advanced thangka students.
Beginners will learn the basics of thangka drawing in this retreat by drawing the Buddha face before starting Manjushri.

The Three Bodhisattvas
Vajrapani together with Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri are part of the "Three Great Bodhisattvas", which represent the three main qualities - Compassion, Wisdom and Power - that you need on the spiritual path.

Monday, November 30 to Thursday, December 3, 2020  (book in time to be assured of your spot)
On Monday you can arrive at Maitreya Institute from 5 p.m. and settle in your room, at 6.30 p.m. dinner will be served, and the introduction / presentation / first lecture of the course starts at 20:00.
On Thursday the course ends at 5 PM.

Costs:  € 280 including: thangka course, 3 nights in a room with private shower / toilet, all delicious meals and unlimited coffee / tea.
To keep the costs of this course low, students are requested to do a 'karma yoga task' every day, for example washing the dishes together or making coffee / tea.

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