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Staying in Loenen outside courses


Do you need a bit of rest and quiet, a beautiful natural setting and a spiritual environment?
Members of the Maitreya Instituut can stay overnight to do an individual reatreat or simply a holiday.

The center is however not set up as a hotel, or intended for individual guests who have no connection to the institute.

Please register as early as possible, because besides the Maitreya activities, the building is often rented out to third-party groups (which are not mentioned in our Program Calendar). Email to loenen@maitreya.nl or call us Tue-Fri from 11.00am - 5.00pm at 055-5050908.

Members can also do longer individual retreats, but this requires some coordination, so early sign-up is necessary.
Unfortunately, in the course building we can not always guarantee absolute silence due to other activities, such as the necessary cleaning and maintenance. For longer retreats we can discuss doing some weekly grocery shopping for you. During a retreat of at least one week it is usually possible to have a short conversation with a Geshe, but this is by appointment only.

If desired, you can call 06-17332375 to be picked up from the bus stop in Loenen, but please inform us well in advance as our staff does not work 24/7.
The reception desk is not always manned to receive people, but we can arrange with a staff-member to check in, especially if you arrive early or late - please let us know during your booking.
Please write your name and room number in the agenda at the reception; this is for your own safety during a fire! (And erase it again when you leave home.)

Meals and laundry
Outside the courses, there is sometimes no cook to prepare meals. It is possible to prepare ingredients you have brought yourself in the kitchen. During longer retreats can we do errands for you in consultation. Please do not leave dishes and mess behind for others.

The center does not have staff like in a hotel to make everything perfect for your stay or to keep you company all the time. But there should almost always be someone present if there is a problem. So please make the bed yourself and clean up things like your dishes behind you, and inform the staff about malfunctions or technical problems.

Please collect your bedding and leave it in the trolley near the linen room. Dispose only the white bedding and white towel that you found on the bed in the trolley, all other laundry please in separate plastic baskets, you will save a the center much money by paying attention to this.
Leave the cover or flannel blanket over the mattress, unless it has become very dirty, but never put it in the laundry trolley!
Leave the room clean for the next guest, turn the heating to * (frost protection) and close the windows. Please remember to return the room key to a member of staff when leaving.
Erqse your name in the reception agenda when departing, and please let a staff member know that you leave.

If you do volunteering which is requested by a member of staff, you can probably stay with us for free. Without prior arrangements with a staff member, you may need to normally pay for accommodation and food. Participating in preparing and rituals, pujas, study, karma yoga etc. does not apply in this context as 'volunteer work'.
In general, we offer free room & board for a full day of volunteering work. However, sometimes you may need to prepare your own food, because there is not always a cook available outside courses.

Dealing with Geshes, translators, staff and volunteers
During courses, the Geshe are available for questions and advice to students by appointment. Please do not  visit the Geshe without an appointment at other times.
Translators are employed by the Maitreya Instituut, and outside courses are not automatically available as an interpreter for private conversations with the Geshe, or to translate your texts.

Of course, please do not hesitate to ask staff if you need anything, but remember that the center staff and volunteers have their own tasks, and they may not have time for things like socialising.

House Rules
Members can use the books in the library, and play CDs and videos. Please be mindful to keep the noise down to not disturb other visitors. However without consulting, do not take any books, CDs or videos home.

During your stay in the center, we ask you to adhere to the following five precepts:

  • no killing (not even bugs)
  • not stealing (not taking what is not given)
  • no sexual misconduct (such as adultery, etc.)
  • no lying
  • no smoking, no alcohol or use of other intoxicants (drugs). Smoking is allowed along the road in front of the lounge.

All open fire, including burning incense or candles is strictly prohibited due to fire hazard.