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Practice afternoon IDMT

with various facilitators (experienced students of Ven. Gendun)

Once a month, we will organise a practice afternoon (online and at the centre) for participants of the online IDMT course to meditate together and discuss material from the IDMT lessons, exchange experiences, etc. These afternoons are meant to deepen our understanding by actively working with the material taught by Ven. Gendun in the IDMT classes. We will spend these afternoons with meditation sessions, exchanging daily life experiences and discussing and clarifying topics according to the needs of the participants. The language of communication will be Dutch and these sessions will also be an opportunity to bring forward any questions that we cannot resolve together to Ven. Gendun.

As an IDMT student, would you like to get to know your fellow practitioners better and support and inspire each other in your practice? Then please sign up through amsterdam@maitreya.nl. You can make a free donation via the link on the right (to be added). This contribution will be used for equipment that facilitates dialogue between participants during interactive activities taking place both onsite and online.

Dates & times: Saturday September 16, October 14 and November 18, 13:00 - 15:00 (prior to the online IDMT class).

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16-09-2023 13:00

16-09-2023 15:00



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