Lijkt het je leuk om mee te denken over het beleid van het Maitreya Instituut Nederland? Wil je je kennis en vaardigheden inzetten voor het verder tot bloei laten komen van het Maitreya Instituut en haar missie? Kijk dan eens hier of een bestuursfunctie misschien bij je past: werving bestuursleden.
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Silvie Walraven

Silvie Walraven is a teacher of Buddhist Education (BVO) in public primary schools. Before that, she lived in Nepal and Bhutan for 15 years, where she first worked in development cooperations and later as a teacher. In 1992 she first encountered Buddhism and the FPMT, worked for the Himalaya Buddhist Meditation Centre in Kathmandu for a while, and has been involved with the Maitreya Institute since 2015, both as a student and volunteer, and currently as the director of the center in Amsterdam. Silvie is a mindfulness trainer (certified through SeeTrue and Mindful Schools) and an accredited trainer of 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life, Level 1 (for both adults and children & teenagers) and Building Balanced Empathy. These are international programs of the FDCW (, which Silvie teaches in Dutch and English.
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